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American Blue Gascon Hound History

American Blue Gascon Hound  is one of United States origin of tree Ing-dog breeds. Nicknamed Big-en-Blue and Big Blue

Although the United States is also simply be called a Gascon , it is necessary to pay attention to the confusion with Gascon Hound system breeds of France.


To be present from the 1900s around, it is one of the tree queuing Dog that existed from the earliest. It has been produced by multiplying several St. Hound system dog species of weight. The production is also contained blood of the French Grand Bleu de Gascogne, this has given a significant impact on this species of coat color. Since the dog species of blood of Gascony system is turned on, this species is also one of the species dogs of Gascony system.

Raccoon mainly in the pack, Bobcat, it is used puma, such as the to tree queuing American black bear. To track the prey odor in the pack, chasing while barking when you discover, to hunt down on top of the tree. Continues even barking after cornered, so that prey can not escape. When the husband arrives, or get shaken off the prey to climb a tree, ask dropped shot with hunting rifles, hunting with dogs a prey that has fallen is Shitome complete.

America is popular as a traditional strong tree Ing-dog, dog breed clubs have been established in Louisiana. However or those corresponding to this species of descendants of Bluetick coonhound has not been many breeding, you are there to hardship, such as not being despite Certified Standard (breed standard) has been enacted to FCI. Mainly, but is often kept as a real hound in the United States, actually breeding has been carried out as St. hound for hunting wild boar in Japan. In addition, retired dog that did not lend themselves to real hunting in both countries have been kept as pets.


Have a chunky and is a large body, it is Kuhn hounds of Courage. If you have a strong physique of muscular with weight, legs also long thick. The head is large, muzzle jaw of power in thick short is very tough. If a prey of about raccoons, and that can also be defeat in bite people. Ears longer lop-eared, tail decoration hairless dripping tail. Coat smooth coat, coat color is a hair color that as a place the Blue loans, And entered, such as black spots "blue tick". In this blue tick, some more eyes on and muzzle, also be tan markings get into your feet. In large dog size, personality is loyal and obedient to his master, but fearless and courageous, stubborn in the hunting instinct is high, the independent nature of it is also ready strong hound temperament. Because it is a genuine hound species, hunting instinct is a strong, and will not accept, however put from my husband, it is love that track the smell of prey. There is a friendly disposition because it is a dog breed to act in a pack, it is possible to get along with, such as my husband family. However, momentum because the original is a hunting dog is very many, because of the very large voice barking because it is a tree Queuing dog, breeding in the household is a little difficult. This species of cries are figuratively as "like thunder was Todoroi" bark "". There are stamina, poise is light not suit to body weight. Susceptible to disease, etc. There tend to hip dysplasia and joint disease in large dogs.

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